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The 6th Annual Prefabrication & Modular Construction China

Driving Efficiency, Effectiveness and Sustainability through Cutting-edge Strategies in Prefabrication & Modularization

Modular projects cost up to 20% less than comparably sized built on-site structures. Construction time can also be shortened by up to 70% which in turn allows for earlier use of the building and faster returns on investment.

On a global basis, asset owners are recognizing that prefabricate and modular execution can provide significant benefits in cost, schedule, safety and quality. Over the years China has become a major manufacturing hub and there is an increasing need to devise newer methodologies to design and fabricate plants in China. Prefabrication and modularization are driving productivity improvement in the construction industry. With the decreasing oil price and heavy metal, it is now the best time to harvest the benefit of prefabrication and modularization construction!

Returning from its success in the past 5 years, the 6th Annual Prefabrication & Modular Construction China 2015 will take a holistic approach to focus on the entire cycle of modular construction. The topics will encompass project management, communication and change execution on the decision making process, planning, transportation & logistics of the modules all the way through to the construction.

The summit will arm you with the knowledge and expertise shared by major stakeholders of asset owners, EPCs and Fabricators to ensure your project delivery on time and within budget. To remain strategic and competitive over your competitors, join us this November!




Discover 4 Key Pillars to Uphold Next Gen Modular Project Management

  • Improving Efficiency & Sustainability: Using new methodologies to increase the rate of construction, cost effectiveness and reduce the environmental impact on the environment.
  • Strengthening Quality Control: Enhancing the design and fabrication capability for higher-standard modular projects
  • Proactive Risk Management: Understanding risk analysis, assessment and the ROI of modularization to refine your project investment strategies
  • Addressing Transportation & Logistics Challenges: Formulating strategies to ensure the modules are delivered on schedule and within budget


  • 提高效率和可持续性: 采用新方法以加快施工进度、提高成本效益,减少对环境的影响;
  • 加强质量控制: 对于高标准的模块化工程项目加强其设计和建造能力;
  • 进行前瞻性的风险管理: 理解风险分析、评估以及模块化建造的投资回收率,以不断完善你的项目投资战略;
  • 解决交通与物流方面的挑战: 制定战略以确保所有模块物资都能够按时交付且不超出预算范围。

Why Attend?

  • 16+ Speakers from the most well-versed and inventive organizations to talk you through the ins & outs of prefabrication & modular construction
  • Hands-on sharing in modular design, construction and transportation to enhance your success rate throughout the project cycle
  • One-stop platform for learning, networking and collaboration amongst leading asset owners, EPCs, Fabricators and solution providers
  • Seeing is believing: exciting site-tour to China’s most sophisticated yard.


  • 大会亮点超出16人的演讲嘉宾阵容,与您全面讲解预制和模块化建造行业的最新动态。
  • 案例分析、主题研讨与您分享模块设计、建造和运输方面的知识,能够使你在整个项目领域内的成功率大大提高。
  • 为你提供一站式平台,与行业领军业主单位、设计采购施工以及建造者和解决方案供应商们进行学习、交流以及合作。
  • 眼见为实:到中国最尖端的行业企业实地考察。


This event bringstogether many leading asset owners, EPCs, fabricators and vendors in discussingthe challenges and best practice for modularization projects - Wang Yingjun,General Manager, enCryo Engineering
This is the firsttime for me to attend such a conference in China, and we got a clear picture onmodularisation in China, which was really informative. - Hiroyuki Rokuta,Director, NYK, Hinode Line
As the previousConference Chair Person and Moderator, I witnessed the vibrant interactionsbetween Asset Owners, EPCs, Fabricators and Vendors to come work together. YES,this event would provide the best platform, yet again, to discuss theapplication and best practices of modularization to deliver projects faster,cheaper and safer. - JayakumarSirkunavelu, Construction Manager, Major Projects, JORD International
It’s good to havethis kind of conferences. Three major critical topics related to modularprojects have been covered very well.Well done! - RobertoPaglinawan, Vice President of Operations, Atlantic Gulf and Pacific Company of Manila
Modularconstruction is getting more popular as many companies in China have becomemore and more aware of quality improvement, and willingness to make theirproduct better together with competitive pricing. - Lee Dang, Managing Director, ModernHeavy Industry